PIGMENT BAR, developed by the artist Jaeyeol Han since 2017, is a different kind of painting medium. It's an oil paint with enough wax to form it into a bar shape, providing a soft, lipstick-like texture. This allows artists to paint directly on a surface without using brushes, palettes, paint tubes, or solvents.

Unlike commercial paint production, Pigment Bar avoids additives, extenders, substitutes, or facilitators, which can lower costs and save time but affect the paint's quality. To ensure high quality, Pigment Bar relies on precise ingredient ratios, leading to complex formulations and a labor-intensive manufacturing process. Each batch is carefully hand-crafted, milled, and molded.

Pigment Bar doesn't follow the standard color chart of pre-made oil colors. It offers a range of hues, including primary colors and those reflecting the artist's personal sensibilities, such as fluorescent yellow and pink shades that react to ultraviolet light. The formulation excludes linseed oil to prevent yellowing over time, even though it increases production costs. Pigment Bar also reduces chemical odors, making for a more comfortable experience in small spaces and allowing for oil painting without brushes or oils.

Pigment Bar remains versatile, as it can be melted and diluted with oil for brush application, similar to traditional liquid paint.

The Significance of Developing Personalized Painting Materials in Contemporary Art

In the current landscape of the art world, it is customary to rely on mass-produced materials; however, the decision to create and utilize a bespoke painting medium represents a notable divergence from this norm. With the introduction of Pigment Bar, an inventive oil stick, artist Jaeyeol Han reevaluates conventional artistic methodologies while delving into the intricate, historical, and philosophical aspects of crafting his own paint.

Pigment Bar signifies a revival of the time-honored tradition of artists creating their materials, harkening back to prehistoric painters grinding pigments and Old Masters meticulously mixing their colors. Han's participation in the development of this medium underlines his commitment to artistic authenticity and individuality, fostering a sense of continuity with previous generations of artists.

As a modern painter, Han's decision to conceive his own Pigment Bar medium exemplifies his dedication to artistic quality. By eschewing additives and extenders common in commercial paint production, Han guarantees the purity and longevity of his Pigment Bars, notwithstanding the elevated production costs. This unwavering quest for quality highlights the artist's passion for his work and his readiness to invest time and resources in the pursuit of excellence.

Furthermore, the distinctive composition of Pigment Bar, with its supple, lipstick-like texture, offers a range of versatile and expressive applications. This imaginative medium enables Han to draw or paint directly on a surface, eliminating the need for brushes, palettes, or solvents, and promoting a more immediate and tactile connection with his artwork. As a result, the art produced surpasses traditional painting constraints, as Pigment Bar encourages a sculptural approach, permitting the artist to crush, layer, and even melt the medium.

The nonconformist color palette provided by Pigment Bar, which diverges from typical oil colors, accentuates Han's unique artistic inclinations. By integrating unexpected shades such as fluorescent yellow and pink, Han defies the limitations imposed by commercial paint production and adopts a personalized, ingenious approach to color.

Beyond its artistic ramifications, Pigment Bar exemplifies a commitment to environmental sustainability and personal well-being. By reducing chemical odors, Han's invention facilitates a more pleasant experience, particularly in smaller spaces, and accommodates oil painting without the necessity for brushes or oils that may generate waste.

In conclusion, Jaeyeol Han's Pigment Bar encapsulates the fundamental principles of what it means to be a contemporary artist who creates and utilizes their own paints. By challenging conventions, establishing connections with artistic traditions, and pursuing innovation and quality, Han illustrates the substantial influence a painter can have when directly involved in the development of their medium. The conception and application of Pigment Bar serve as a testament to artistic authenticity, individuality, and the enduring drive to expand the boundaries of painting in the contemporary era.