Born in Seoul KR, 1983
Lives and works in Berlin DE

Solo Exhibitions
November 2021   The Gathering, Bystanders, Gallery BK, Seoul, KR
April 2016    Passersby : The Beneath, National Assembly Member's Office Bldg., Seoul, KR 
February    2014 The Individuals, Alternative Space Artforum Rhee, Bucheon, KR 
June 2013    Jaeyeol Han Opens Out, Gallery Gahoedong 60, Seoul, KR 
September 2012    Anonymous Passers-by, Gallery 41, Seoul, KR
Group Exhibitions
January 2019    Report, Art Center WhiteBlock, Paju, South Korea
March 2016    You and Me, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul,  KR
November 2014    Cocoon, KOLON Space K, Seoul, KR  
September 2013    Open Art Canvas Night ‘Coexistence’, Unofficial Preview Galley, Seoul, KR

September 2016    Luxembourg Art Prize, Galerie Hervé Lancelin, Luxembourg
December 2015    The Great Artist, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, KR
June 2014    Start, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
April 2014     Young Art Taipei, Regent Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
February     2013 Art Award of Seoul Digital University, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, KR

September 2016    Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg / Finalist
December 2015    POSCO Art Museum Award, Seoul / Finalist
March 2013    Seoul Digital University Art Award for / Excellence

June 2018 - 2019    Art Center WhiteBlock, Cheonan, KR
June 2013 - 2014    Stag-Hunt Residency Program, Alternative Space Artforum Rhee, Bucheon, KR  

April 2014    'Project Passersby', Jaeyeol Han, PainterPrinter, ISBN 979-11-952578-0-5

December 2015    Art in Culture, Lee Hyun Editor, KR

Jaeyeol Han is a contemporary painter and artist based in South Korea. His art practice is deeply influenced by his experience in Haiti as a part of the military response following the 2010 earthquake, which he refers to as the starting point of his artistic career. Through his series "Passersby" and "Bystanders", he explores themes of disaster, collapse, and the human condition. Additionally, he also uses Goethe's Theory of Colours to explore the relationship between light, darkness, and color in his work.

One of the defining characteristics of Han's work is his use of vibrant colors and textures to create powerful and striking imagery. He believes that his ability to create atmosphere and mood through his use of color and composition is a signature aspect of his artistic style. Additionally, he strives to convey a sense of politicalness and historicalness in his works, as well as to evoke feelings of empathy and understanding in the viewer.

Han has also developed a unique medium for his paintings, Pigment Bar, which is a revolutionary oil paint produced by himself since 2017. Made with a precise balance of ingredients, including wax, it can be molded into a bar form for easy application. The unique formulation allows for direct application onto surfaces without the need for brushes, palettes, paint tubes, or solvents, resulting in an oil stick with a lipstick-soft consistency. Unlike traditional industrial oil paints, Pigment Bar is free of additives, extenders, substitutes, or facilitators, ensuring the highest quality paint.

The Pigment Bar color chart includes not only the basic colors but also unique shades that reflect the artist's senses, such as fluorescent yellow and pink that reflect light in response to ultraviolet light. He also uses an alternative oil to linseed oil, to prevent the painting from yellowing over time and minimize chemical odors. This makes it easy to use in a small space without any need for additional tools or materials. Additionally, Pigment Bar can be melted and diluted with oil for use with a brush like traditional liquid paint.

Han has been honored to have had his works exhibited in galleries around the world, and he has had the privilege of having group exhibitions in Luxembourg and London. His solo exhibition in Seoul in 2021 was a major success, where he exhibited more than 100 paintings at the same time and recorded sales of over $200,000 US dollars. He is humbled by the support and recognition that his work has received, and he is committed to continuing to create meaningful and thought-provoking works.

As an artist, Han's goal is to create works that are not just a representation of a disaster but also represent the human condition in general. His paintings are not just representation but also an experience for the viewer, that reminds us of the disaster as mankind's disaster. He strives to create works that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. He looks forward to continuing to share his artistic vision with the world and he is honored to have the opportunity to do so.

In conclusion, Han's artworks are deeply inspired by his personal experience and are a reflection of the human condition. His use of Pigment Bar, a medium that he has developed, allows for a unique and direct way of painting that reflects his style. His works have been exhibited around the world and have been well-received by audiences. As an artist, he is dedicated to creating works that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. He continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and is committed to sharing his vision with the world.