Profile: Jaeyeol Han
Born 1983 Seoul, Korea
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Jaeyeol Han Project Passersby

My first artbook was published on April 10 2014.
The book contains selected artworks from Project Passersby 2011-2014.
A5 book size, 130 pages, English and Korean texts.
The Artbook of paintings carefully selected from 2011-2014 are selling on the shop.
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Jaeyeol Han Handmade Pigment Bar

Since September 2017, I have been making my own high quality oil colors by myself. “Pigment Bar” is a handmade oil color paint stick, its made by Jaeyeol Han himself for the artists. Despite the amount of time and effort required, I suddenly tried to make it because I wanted to fully understand and detailed control the materials. The consistency, the texture, the type of the pigment and the oil, the mood of colors, the shade, ultimately the quality itself and so on. For instance, I choose safflower oil instead of the linseed oil because it causes yellowing easily and I make some unusual colors like the Neon series and it reacts the UV rays.

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