a painting in progress

Jae-yeol Han, who was dispatched to Haiti in 2010 when the massive earthquake hit, has found existing but forgotten objects, pay attention to them, and has a keen sense of the Other who cannot be said.

He uses individuals and clusters as a medium to deal with differences, disagreements, conflicts, and issues of power and he carried out Passersby project to organize paintings with the attitude of portraits, based on the post-construction process of objects with gaps and cracks.

Currently, he is planning a project to develop a narrative in motion as an experiment on Time in painting and painterly painting. Six years ago, when he was faced with color theory, he made and used oil paints as part of his research on materials. Also, studying typography, book, and graphic design at the Paju Typography Institute in Master course to discover possibilities for new formative experiments and to think about alternative exhibition forms.



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